About RNK

RNK, Inc. is the culmination of more than 30 years of experience in structural engineering, architecture and construction by its founder, Richard N. Keizer, P.E.

The company’s philosophy is to provide practical designs so construction costs for the structure are as economical as possible. In general, our fee’s are less than the savings we achieve in construction costs when compared to conservative designs provided by non-professionals or impractical designs provided by other engineers.

Practicality comes from years of working with numerous contractors and becoming familiar with construction methods for a particular region of the U.S. Knowing how contractors “work” gives us the edge in engineering economical designs which yield satisfied builders who are able to maintain schedules and budgets, and provide cost savings to the owner.

Simplified designs also help in expediting reviews by the cities and jurisdictions when acquiring permits. And, we maintain a friendly exchange with building officials…in doing so we are able to provide additional information they may need during the review process in an effort to eliminate the hassles of returned plans and re-submittals.

No project is too small…we get great satisfaction working with our clients and helping them achieve their goals regardless of the scope of the project. Whether we are designing a single beam for an addition or engineering a 50,000 square foot estate in London, England, each project has the same significance!

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